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Shelby, N.C.        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =                 =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =  

DOB: 7/7/1983        =             &nb= sp;            =             

Height: 6’0”        =             &nb= sp;          =             &nb= sp;            =          

Weight: 350


* Begin powerlifting in 2006.

* Drug Free powerlifting competitor, judge and promoter.

* Totally drug free in= both sport and life.

* Against the use of recreational and performance enhancing drugs.

* Never placed lower t= han 1st place in at any powerlifting event.<= /span>

* Mindful of being an inspiration and positive roll model for kids and adults.<= /p>





* Deeply involved in the IBP federation as a core judge & spotter as well as behind the scenes assistance.

* Served as a State & Nation= al judge in the AAU and IBP federations.

* Has judged over 50 powerlifting events.

* Judges strict, consistent and = fair by judging the lift, not the lifter.

* Assisted in the growth and pro= motion of powerlifting in the <= st1:PlaceName w:st=3D"on">Cleveland County area.

* Represents and upholds the Core Values set forth by the IBP (Iron Boy Powerlifting):

 &n= bsp; Strength, Integrity, Equality, Honesty http://www.ironboypowerlifting.com/ABOUTUS.html





* Competed in three different st= ates: NC, SC, FL

* Has set numerous N.C. State and National records in the AAU and IBP federations.

* Set 4 World records in the AAU federation.

* Hit “Elite” in sin= gle ply equipment at his 5th powerlifting competition.

* Hit “Elite” Raw at= his 6th powerlifting competition.

* Increased his “EliteR= 21; Raw total at his 7th powerlifting competition while at a lighter bodyweight.

* 750 lbs. Raw Squat was ranked = 7th in the Nation by Powerlifting Watch among all federations.

* 1805 lbs. Raw Total was ranked= 12th in the Nation by Powerlifting Watch among all federations.

* 2015 lbs. Single Ply Total was ranked 11th in the Nation by Powerlifting Watch among all federations.

* Currently ranked 2nd in the IBP Raw Squat and 3rd in the IBP Raw De= adlift.

* Currently ranked 1st in the IBP Equipped Squat and 1st in the IBP Equipped Deadlift.=


Current Best Lifts:

&= nbsp;


April 11, 2009

Sq: 815

Bench: 550

Deadlift: 650

Total: 2015



Oct. 24, 2009

SQ: 750

Bench: 435

Deadlift: 665

Total: 1800

IBP Sanction (Iron Boy Powerlifting)





  • 2010 - April   = IBP <= span class=3DSpellE>Tarheel State Championship: =

(First place with a 750 Squat and = an Elite total of 1805 lbs.)


  • 2009 – Oct.    IBP S.C.<= /st1:State> Powerlif= ting Championship:

(Best Lifter award with a Raw Elite total of 1800 lbs.)


  • 2009 – April  IBP <= span class=3DSpellE>Tarheel State Championship:

(Best Lifter award with an 815 Squat and single ply El= ite total of 2015 lbs.)


  • 2008 – June   IBP Southeastern Powerlifting Championship: 1st Place


  • 2007 – May   = IBP S.C.<= /st1:State> Push / Pull Championships= : 1st Place


  • 2007 – Feb.   = IBP Cleveland Coun= ty Ironman (Best Lifter)


  • 2007 – Jan.   = IBP P= almetto State Bench Press Championship<= /i>: 1st Place


  • 2006 – Oct.   IBP Carolina Classic 1st Place

      (First Full Power competition and passed drug test)


  • 2006 – May  <= /span>IBP Cleveland County Ironman= 1st Place

(First ever powerlifting competition)


AAU Sanction (Amateur Athletic Union)


  • 2007 – Oct.  AAU World Championships (Held at Disney’s Wide World of Spor= ts Complex in FL.)

(1st place and set 4 world records in the lifetime drug free division.)


  • 2007 – April AAU N= .C. State Championships (World Qual= ifier) 1st Pl= ace


  • 2006 – Aug.  AAU National Push / Pull Championships  1st Place

(Set 2 National Records)





  • 2000 -  Kings Mtn. High School Powerlifting competition

      (Chip̵= 7;s very first strength competition at 305 lbs. and age 17)

Squat: 500

Bench: 365

Hang Clean: 335

Total: 1200  ***(Total lbs. record still= stands as of July 2012)***