“My interest in bodybuilding begin around 1979, during which time I would read every magazine and article I could find, in an effort to learn about training. My early workouts begin at school, progressed to a garage home gym, then to a local hometown gym.
After not placing in my first competition, I continued to research. I learned more about nutrition and how important it was for success in the sport. I came into my second competition (1987 Gaston Classic) at 137 lbs. @ 2.5% body fat and placed first out of five competitors in the Jr. Lightweights division. 1987-1990 I trained exclusively as a bodybuilder, meeting and attending seminars of several pro bodybuilders. I believe these years of education and training, laid the foundation for my success thus far as a powerlifter. I've competed in fifteen bodybuilding competitions and feel that experience contributes greatly to the overall conditioning I am able to achieve as a powerlifting competitor and is very valuable for staying in shape and maintaining good health" Rob Wess
2004 Supernatural   Asheville, NC  2nd Place Lightwieghts2004 Carolina Clash Gastonia, NC  1st Place Bantamweights1990 Mid State Jamestown, NC 1st Place Lightweights1988 Mr. Cleveland Co  Shelby, NC 1st Place Lightweights1988 Gold's Classic Myrtle Beach, SC  4th Place Lightweights1987 Gaston Classic Gastonia, NC 1st Jr. Lightweights
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