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700 Squat - 560 Bench - 680 Deadlift - 1940 Total

On October 7, 2006 Michael Belk achieved IBP ELITE lifter status in the raw 275 class with a total of 1940 pounds.

Michael Belk has set numerous North Carolina, National and World powerlifting records in the USAPL, 100% RAW, and IBP organizations.

His current Best Lifts include:

SQUAT: 705 pounds
BENCH: 585 pounds
DEADLIFT: 680 pounds
TOTAL:  1956 pounds

These lifts were done in the 275 pound weight class.

Michael’s Powerlifting accomplishments include being a 2 time USAPL North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion. He is a multiple USAPL NC State record holder.

Michael is a 2 time IBP North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion. He is a 2 time IBP North Carolina State Bench Press and Push Pull Champion.  He is a multiple IBP NC State and National record holder.

Michael achieved IBP ELITE LIFTER status with a Powerlifting Total of 1940 pounds in the RAW 275 pound class.
Michael is one of only four lifters in IRON BOY POWERLIFTING history to achieve ELITE LIFTER STATUS.

Michael is a 100% RAW North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion and 4 time RAW World Bench Press Champion.
He owns many 100% RAW NC State and World records.