Keith has contributed to the sport of powerlifting in many different capacities including promoter, event director, organizer, judge, spotter / loader, lifter, event announcer, webmaster, gym owner and trainer. Keith’s largest contribution to the sport of powerlifting undoubtedly has been as a promoter and event director.

Since 1973 (age 13), Keith has been an ardent weight lifter while excelling in football and track & field. He has competed in many competitions sanctioned by “drug testing” powerlifting organizations since 1996.

In 1998 he launched the “House of Payne Powerlifting and Strength Sports” website. It was the first North Carolina based website of its kind dedicated to promoting the strength sports of powerlifting and strongman.

In 2001, Keith established Iron Boy Powerlifting. Keith has served as the IBP executive director since 2001. During this time the IBP has grown to be one of the largest powerlifting organizations in the Carolinas as hundreds of new lifters have been introduced to the sport.

In 2003, Keith opened the House of Payne Gym. The gym was dedicated entirely to powerlifters. The HOPG was a powerlifting haven to many of North Carolinas powerlifters until it closed a few years later.

In 2005, being a lifetime drug free athlete Keith felt a need to devote his efforts exclusively to promoting Drug Free sports. He co-founded (along with Walter Ferguson, James Gentry, James Lopes and Timothy Payne) the North Star Pride. The NSP is an organization committed to promoting drug free athletics. Currently the NSP has members in 13 States and continues to grow.

Presently, Keith promotes and directs IBP lifting events in North Carolina and South Carolina. He continues to operate several websites devoted to drug free athletics.


Organization Founder- Iron Boy Powerlifting (2001), North Star Pride (2005), Functional   Strength Systems (2011).

Organization Leadership- Iron Boy Powerlifting Executive Director (2001-present), AAU North Carolina Powerlifting Chairman (2006-2009).

Event Promoter / Director / Organizer- Numerous IBP and AAU powerlifting events (2001-present). North Star Pride Seminars,  FSS Training Seminars.

Official- AAU Powerlifting State Judge (1997-present), AAU Powerlifting International Judge (2005-present), Iron Boy Powerlifting Referee (2001-present), Former NASA Judge, Former 100% RAW Judge.

Athlete- Participated in strength sports (1973-present)

Volunteer / Event Worker- IBP (2001-present), AAU (1996-present), 100% RAW, USAPL, WNPF (Former), NASA (Former), numerous non-sanctioned events.

Event Announcer- IBP, AAU

Trainer- Personal Strength Trainer (1982-present).  Founder and owner of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH SYSTEMS.

Gym Owner- House of Payne Gym (2003-2005).

Publisher / Webmaster- House of Payne Powerlifting and Strength Sports website (1998-2005), Iron Boy Powerlifting website (2001-present), House of Payne Gym website (2003-2005), North Star Pride website (2005-present).