Biography  I   Early Years   I  Later Years
1975 – 1991 Jim lifted in Bench Press meets only. Best touch and go- 365, Best pause raw bench press 336 lbs. Jim began powerlifting at 50 years old in 1993.He trained at King’s Gym in Asheboro as well as in Lexington and was coached by Tim King. Jim competed in the 181, 187 and 198 class. He has competed in 15 different organizations. USPF, NASA, NCNP, BPOW, AAU, ISA, WABDL, USAPL, APF, WNPF, PPF, IBP, SPF & UPF.

Jim has competed in 8 Olympic lifting meets,  27 full power meets, 71 push pull meets, 8 power sports meets, and over 110 bench press meets.

Titles won:
1st place in North Carolina State USPF.
1st place twice South Carolina APA.
Seven National bench press championships with NASA and ISA.
1997 National Powerlifting championship NASA
Three Grand National Push Pull championships NASA.
3rd place USPF National Powerlifting Championship.
Two AAU Push Pull Championships.
2nd place NASA World Cup
Many State Bench Press Championships WABDL,USAPL,IBP.
Many State Powerlifting Championships USPF, NASA.

Best Powerlifting numbers

181 class (50-59) - Full Power Total 1128 lbs.
181 class (50-59) – Raw Bench Press 315, Equipped Bench 335.
181 class (60-64) – Raw Bench Press 295, Equipped Bench 310.

198 class (50-59) – Full Power Total1170 lbs. via 405,315 and 450.