645 Squat - 365 Bench - 630 Deadlift - 1640 Total

On April 17, 2010 Greg Crotts achieved IBP ELITE lifter status in the raw 242 class with a total of 1640 pounds.

Greg Crotts has set numerous North Carolina, American and World powerlifting records in the IBP, NASA and AAU.

Greg’s Powerlifting accomplishments include being 2003 NASA Regional Powerlifting Champion. Greg won the Best Lifter award on his way to setting 4 Regional records. He also made the NASA Top 100 lifter list. In 2004 Greg was NASA NC State powerlifting champion and made the NASA Top 75 lifter list.

Greg is a 2 time AAU North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion and in 2005 won the AAU North Carolina Bench Press Championship.
He is the 2006 AAU World Powerlifting Champion in 3 different divisions. He set 5 AAU American and 5 AAU World records.

In 2005 Greg was the IBP Regional Push Pull Champion.
Greg won the  IBP North Carolina State Powerlifting Championship in 2010. He set 4 IBP NC State records and 4 IBP National records as well as winning the outstanding lifter award.

Greg achieved IBP ELITE LIFTER status with a Powerlifting Total of 1640 pounds in the RAW 242 pound class.
Greg is one of only four lifters in IRON BOY POWERLIFTING history to achieve ELITE LIFTER STATUS.