Donnie Kiefer has set numerous North Carolina, National and World powerlifting records in the USAPL, IBP, 100% RAW and other organizations.

His best lifts include:
SQUAT: 635 Pounds
BENCH: 365 Pounds
DEADLIFT: 535 Pounds
TOTAL: 1495 Pounds

Donnie has lifted in the 148, 165 and 181 pound weight class.

He has won over 100 meets in his career while being named the meet’s best lifter over 30 times.

Donnie’s Powerlifting accomplishments include winning 26 State Championships in 3 different weight classes over 5 different  powerlifting organizations. He has broken or set over 50 State Records in 3 weight classes over his 31 year career. He currently holds 25 State Records.

Donnie has been ranked top 5 in the USA more than 20 times in career his career. He has been Ranked #1 in the USA in his weight class 5 times over his career.

Donnie has been a State Referee for over 20 years and National Referee for over 15 years. He has officiated over 100 meets including the Collegiate Nationals.

Donnie served as head strength coach at Davidson College and assistant strength coach at East Carolina University. He has been a High School Strength and Conditioning Coach for 25 years.

Donnie has coached more than 60 high school lifters to individual State Titles. He coached more than 40 high school lifters to State Record breaking lifts. He has coached 9 high school lifters to USA #1 rankings in their weight class and 1 high school lifter to a National Championship.

In 1984 Donnie brought the ADFPA to North Carolina. It was the first ever drug testing powerlifting organization in the state. He served as the State Chairman from 1984 until 1999. The ADFPA became the USAPL during his tenure. Donnie promoted over 100 meets over a 20 year period.