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Rob Wess        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =         

Lawndale, N.C.        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =  

DOB: 5/18/64        =             &nb= sp;            =             

Height 5’8”        =             &nb= sp;                     =             &nb= sp;          =

Off-season Weig= ht: 152-156         =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp; 

Competition Wei= ght: 144-147


* Certified Personal Trainer, Stre= ngth & Conditioning Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

* Believes overall health should be the long term goal of every athlete and fitness

&= nbsp; enthusiast.

* Involved in bodybuilding and strength training since mid 1980’s.

* Experienced competitor in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

* Drug Free p= owerlifting competitor and judge as well as event director & promoter.

* Takes pride in achieving world c= lass conditioning as a competitor.

* Strong advocate of Drug Free Athletics and Strength Training.

= * Committed to promoting Drug Free Strength in and around the Carolinas.

* Greatly respects the veterans and forefathers of Strength Sports.

* Very much against sports related politics.





*Served as: AAU Nati= onal judge and WNPF State judge.

*Jan. 2007 – current: Serving as: IBP N.C. Chairman and National Judge=

*Judges strict but b= y the book; strives to call every competition as consistent as possible.

*Shows no favoritism, feels that every lifter should be judged equally.

*Promotes and uphold= s the Core Values set forth by the IBP (Iron Boy Powerliftin= g):

 Strength, Integrity, Equality, Hone= sty http://www.ironboy= powerlifting.com/ABOUTUS.html

*Encourages and lead= s others to adapt his by the book judging philosophy as well as

  upholding the IBP Core Values.


*2009, Nov. 14<= /o:p>

= Promoted the first N.C. State Push / Pull Championship ever held in Cleveland County.

Sanctioned by IBP “The IBP N.C. State Push / Pull Championship”


* 2009, June 27

Promoted the first N= .C. State Bench Press Championship ever held in Cleveland County ,sanctioned by IBP. “The IBP N.C. Batt= le of the Bench”



= Assisted in development of the IBP Novice division for entry level competitors.


*2007, Feb, 10<= /o:p>

 Implemented the first known drug te= st at a local, county resident only, powerlifting

= competition. “The Cleveland Co. Iron Man” = (38 local lifters competed) (26 were teenagers)


*2007, Jan.

= Appointed as: N.C. = State Chairman for Iron Boy Powerlifting.




*2006, March, 18        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;                    =             &nb= sp;      

Co-= promoter with Keith Payne, of the Inaugural IBP N.C.= State Powerlifting Championships held at Clev= eland Mall in Sh= elby , N.C.


*2006 Dec, 2

Merged with Iron Boy= Powerlifting to make IBP the official sanctioning bod= y for all

= Cleveland County Drug Free Powerlifting events. <= /p>


*2005, Dec. 1

Featured in Shelby S= hopper (A Community Newspaper) as:

Local “Drug Free” Power Lifter to Represe= nt United States at WNPF World Events.


*2005, Nov, 5.<= /o:p>

Founded Cleveland County= “Drug Free” Powerlifting and began maintaining records fo= r

= County resident lifters. Designed as low cost, entry level competitions for local resi= dent lifters, both adult and youth, to be able to compete with lifters of the sa= me level, while gaining experience and learning about the sport of  “drug free” powerlifting.


*2005, July

Promoted the first “drug free” State Powerlifting Championship event ever held in Cleveland County:<= /span>

The Carolina Classic, Sanctioned by USAP= L and held at Cleveland Mall, Shelby N.C


*2005, July

Joined the North Star Pride (an organization promoting drug free athletics)

Appointed as, Shelby Chapter / NSP chairman.

Developed the NSP/Shelby Chapter website to help promote drug free powerlifting in the Cleveland County area and give recognition to local drug free lifters.

www.northstarpride.com/S= helby.html 

(Official home for Cleveland Cou= nty Drug Free Powerlifting Records)


*2003, Oct.

Opened Total Body = Fitness in Fallston, N.C.

Cleveland County<= span class=3DGramE> ’s first and only 100% Drug Free training facil= ity. Established to promote and teach drug free strength training in and around = the Cleveland County area.





Competed in seven different states: NC, SC, VA, GA, TN, PA, FL

Has set N.C. = State powerli= fting records in the AAU, IBP, USAPL & WNPF sanctions.

Numerous N.C. State Titles

Three National Titl= es

Three World Titles<= o:p>


Current Best Lifts:


Full Power lifts at = 147 bodyweight. All were set at ages 44 - 45 (single ply equipment)<= /span>

SQUAT: 450

BENCH: 290



Push / Pull at 151 bodyweight and age 45. (single ply equipment)

BENCH: 300




IBP Sanction (Iron Boy Powerlifting)


148 Weight Class / Masters age 45-49

*2010 IBP Tarheel = State (Open Outstanding Lifter)


148 Weight Class / Masters age 40-44

*2009 IBP Tarheel State (Masters Outstanding Lifter)

*2008 IBP Tarheel State (Masters Outstanding Lifter)

*2007 IBP Tarheel= State (Hit triple bodyweight squat and triple plus 35 lbs. in the <= span class=3DSpellE>deadlift)

*2006 IBP Push/Pull Championships  (198 & un= der Overall Outstanding Lifter)


AAU Sanction (Amateur Athletic Union)


148 Weight Class / Masters age 40-44

*2008 AAU N.C. State Powerlifting Championship Rockingha= m, N.C. (Master’s best l= ifter)

*2007 AAU World Champion (held= at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Co= mplex, FLA )

*2007 Piedmont Challenge (Hit = triple bodyweight squat and triple plus 35 in the deadlift)

*2006 National Push / Pull Cha= mpion: 

 Deadlift: NC State Record: 460 lbs.


WNPF Sanction (World Natural Powerlifting Federation)


148 Weight Class / Masters age 40-44

*Represented United States for WNPF Team USA at:

       * 2005 Battle Of = The Countries” in At= lanta GA. (1st place)

 * 2005 WNPF Drug F= ree World Championships” in PA. (1st place)


*2005 WNPF USA National Powerlifing Champion

*Bench Press: NC State Record: 275 lbs.

*Deadlift: NC State Record: 450 lbs.

*Squat: NC State, American Record: 405 lbs.


USAPL Sanction ( USA Powerlifting)


148 Weight Class / Masters age 40-44

*2004 Lifetime Drug Free National Champion

*2004 & 2005 Powerlifting: NC State Champion

*2004 Bench Press: NC State Champion

*Bench Press: NC State Record: 276 lbs.





*2004 NPC Carolina Clash / Open Bantamweight Champion (Runner up for overall title)


*2004 Carolina Supernatural / Open Lightw= eight

 (2nd place out of eight competitors= ) @ age 40


*2004 INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Renaissance Classic

 (2nd place Open Lightweights) @ age 40

 (3rd place – Masters – = no weight class – eleven competitors and was the only competitor

 under th= e light heavyweight division)


*1990 NPC Mid-State /= Open Lightweight Champion


*1988 NPC Gold’s Gym Classic= Myrtle Beach S.C. (NPC National Qualifier)

(Placed 4th out of 9 competitors in the Open Lightweight Division)


*1988 Cleveland<= /u> County Classic / Open Lightweight Champion


*1987 Gaston County Classic / Jr. Lightweight Champion